Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Satellite Launch Vehicle Mission 2023

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation, established by the Family of Dr.Kalam sir in 2015 to fulfill the dreams of Kalam sir for transforming India. We are regularly organizing various developmental programmes across India since 2015.

Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation- House of Kalam, Rameswaram in association with the Space Zone India - Chennai and Martin Charitable Trust is proudly presenting the milestone project titled “Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Satellite Launch Vehicle Mission 2023”. This mission will integrate 5000 students from colleges and schools (from Grades VI to XII) across the country to learn on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) and to enable them for designing and developing 150 number of PICO Satellites and these 150 pico satellites will be launched through the sounding Rocket on 19th February 2023 from the Pattipulam village of Kancheepuram District, Tamil Nadu, India.

Since our beloved People's President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam had a humble beginning and hailed from the Government school, the mission is giving more emphasis for the students of Government school, who deserve to get exposure on guidance for their career opportunities and hence they will be given training for their participation.

This project is a succession of our prestigious project titled "Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Space Research Payload Cubes Challenge 2021" which was jointly and successfully executed by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam International Foundation, House of Kalam - Rameswaram in association with the Space Zone India - Chennai and Martin Charitable Trust. This programme had involved 1347 number of students from schools (6th to 12th grades), Engineering colleges , Science & Humanities domain and they were given training through virtual classes and also hands on training for designing and developing 100 Femto satellites . These 100 Femto satellites were launched through a single high-altitude scientific balloon from Rameswaram on 7th February 2021.Of these more than 800 students were From the Government schools.

The mission was blessed and greeted by the Honorable Prime Minister, Shri. Narendra Modi. The success of the mission was recognized as the World Record event by Guinness World Records, World Book of Records, Asia Book of Records, Indian Book of Records and Assist World Records.

The success of the mission echoed everywhere in the Indian media, social media and even in Times Square, New York which brought laurels to the Indian Students' community.



  • Designing and constructing a Student Satellite Launch Vehicle (Rocket) and 150 PICO Satellite Research Experiment cubes that contains a different payloads.
  • Maximum Altitude – 10 km to 25 km
  • Research Type – Weather, Atmospheric Conditions, Radiations.
  • Participants – 5000 Students for Satellite and Selected Top 100 Students for Rocket
  • Rocket Type – Reusable
  • Opportunity to learn and understand the Rocket and Satellite Technology. Hands on experience on the satellite right from scratch to complete model.
  • Free Design, Simulation Software Installation and Guidance.
  • Design Software – Design Engineer (Aeronautical, Aerospace, Automobile, Marine Industry)
  • Simulation Software –Simulation Engineer (Aeronautical, Aerospace, Automobile, Marine Industry)
  • Program Developer – Software Engineer (IBM, HCL, Amazon, Google, etc.,)
  • Rocket & Satellite – Researcher / Scientist


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