abdulkalam social forest

Tree Mission
  • I realise that every mature tree by photosynthesis absorbs 20kgs of Carbon dioxide every year. By the same process, each tree lets out about 14kg of Oxygen every year.

  • I Will plant and nurture ten trees and will ensure my parents, my sisters and brothers plant trees and my neighbours also plant ten trees each. I will be an ambassador for tree mission in my locality.

  • I Will keep my house and its surroundings clean and use products which are biodegradable to the extent possible.

  • I Will promote a culture of environmental friendliness, through recycling and conservation of water and other recyclable materials both at home and schools.

  • When i take a professional career, I will take decisions on organizational processes which protect the environment and preserves the bio-diversity.

  • I will encourage the use of renewable enery to the maximum extent possible.

  • I will sprend the awareness about the need to preserve the environment in my home, in my locality and amoung my student friends.

  • I will engage the water conservation, especially by rainwater harvesting and spread the message in my family and friends.

Among the goals, is the “Billion Trees for Billion People” put forth by the Dr. APJ.Abdul Kalam International Foundation by House of Kalam Rameswaram, steered by his family members. Dr.APJ. Abdul Kalam Social Forest Scheme under the aegis of AKIF has planned a massive plantation drive involving more than 1 crore saplings in all the 37 districts of the state of Tamil Nadu, with 3 lakh saplings per district. Nurseries would be set up in all the district’s Schools / College / Government allotted Places and the saplings would be maintained and distributed to the public free of cost.

abdulkalam social forest

In this regard, we have been working for the past one year on ways to replenish the green cover. Our volunteers have done the appropriate field work with statistical data for efficiently executing the scheme. Through this scheme, we have planned to rope in the students, corporate’s, the public and various social organizations. We have also prepared a dossier, which educates the beneficiaries on the significance of growing trees, creating awareness regarding protecting the environment and also about the employment generated as a result of this project.

Recently, the Delta regions have been battered by cyclone Gaja. Hence preference will be given to the people of these districts, districts, by producing producing more saplings saplings required required to protect protect their livelihood

Plan of Actions

In the 37 districts of Tamil Nadu, 185 nurseries have been planned with 5 nurseries per district, under the scheme named after the People’s President Dr. APJ.APJ Abdul Kalam. Nurturing and maintaining 1.11,0000 crore saplings, with 60000 saplings per nursery will be distributed free of cost to the public under this scheme.

Beneficiaries Students, Parents, Farmers, Public, Schools and other educational institutions, corporate houses, Barren government land etc.

Production of Saplings in one AKSF Nursery

Duration of Nursery:      6 months

Saplings maintained:      60,000

Type of sapling:        Saplings in accordance with the geographical status of each district