Terms & Conditions :

  • 1. There is no entry fee for this competition.
  • 2. The participant must be above 18 years of age.
  • 3. The Participant shall participate in the Competition by submitting an online entry form.
  • 4. After Submitting an online Entry form Registration form link will sent to your registered Email Id.
  • 5. The Participant should not use more than 25% of photos and videos of Dr.Kalam available in the public domain.
  • 6. All Content used in the International Short Film, including story, write-up Script,depiction,music,graphics,photographs,images,screenplay,sound records, lyrics,background
    scores,dialogues, titles, sub titles and all other literary, dramatic, musical and artistic work or any other copyright material therein, should be original and belonging to the
    participant or licensed to participant under a valid license.
  • 7. The participants has obtained all necessary licenses,permissions,certifications and authorizations and has complied with all applicable laws necessary for participating in the contest.
  • 8. Participant can select any theme among the five themes for the International Short film .
  • 9. Multiple entries from the same participant are accepted
  • 10. The entries can be Short film , documentaries or Animations.
  • 11. Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam International Foundation reserves the right to disqualify any person that it knows is, or has reasonable grounds to believe is, ineligible for the contest.


  • 1. The International Short film must be submitted in Online and Offline mode.
    • a) Online Mode: The International Short film must be uploaded to YouTube unlisted link(private or public link will be disqualified).
    • b) Offline Mode : A printed copy of the Registration form generated online (Printed Form) duly completed with accurate and current information along with the CD/DVD format containing the International Short film which should be sent to the following address by courier or by Registered post.
    • c) Address: Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam International Foundation, House of Kalam, 12/7, Mosque Street, Rameswaram, Ramnad District. Tamilnadu. India 623526.
  • 2. After sending the CD/DVD, E-mail should be sent to office@apjabdulkalamfoundation.org with the Registration Form details so that we can acknowledge the receipt of the CD/DVD.
  • 3. The total runtime of the International Short film , including opening & closing credits, should strictly be a minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • 4. The file Format of the International Short film shall be submitted in MPEG, MOV or WMV formats and size of the International Short film stored in CD/DVD (should be in PAL or NTSC system) shall not exceed 500 MB. Any International Short film submitted which is in any other format or exceeds the file size of 500 MB shall be rejected.
  • 5. In case a Participant submits multiple entries,each entry along with the International Short film and printed form shall be submitted separately i.e. only one Short film on one CD/DVD.
  • 6. The film must be of highest quality possible.
  • 7. The Short film can be in any language. However, all films must include subtitles in English.
  • 8. All entries must be accompanied by labelled still photographs/slides from the films for use in the promotion.
  • 9. The Short Films once entered cannot be withdrawn.
  • 10. The entry should be submitted by the Participant who may be the rights holder of the film or the person authorized to participate in the contest and accept the terms and
    conditions. For the purposes of this contest and subsequent distribution of the participating film, the Participant hereby confirms that he/she/it has the necessary rights to
    submit the entry and accept the terms.
  • 11. Two to five persons who submit the entry will be considered as the “Group”.
  • 12. The submission date for Bharat Ratna Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam International Short Film Competition-2020 has been extended for next six months. Last submission date will be updated shortly.


  • 1. Participant shall not submit the Short film in multiple parts or on more than one CD/DVD. The CD/DVD submitted should be labelled with the title of the film
    besides being accompanied by the printed form. Participants are requested to avoid sticking paper on the CD/DVD.
  • 2. Participants shall be solely responsible for packing, safety and timely delivery of the Short film at the address specified by Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam International
  • 3. Participants expressly agrees and confirms that Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam International Foundation shall have worldwide rights in perpetuity to issue,circulate,broadcast,assign,
    sublicense,reproduce,telecast,transmit and communicate to the public any copies of the content ( Short film )to any person, in any form ,format, medium, now
    known or may be discovered in future.
  • 4. All submitted CD/DVD shall become the property of Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam International Foundation and are not returnable.