Any developing country would dream to work towards the goal of attaining the “Developed Country” title. Dr.APJ.Abdul Kalam dream of a mission that visualized our country to be in the league of developed nations. He formulated a road map to attain that vision. He wanted the development in the rural sector; effectively close the gap with the urban. Every citizen should have access to the basic resources required for their sustenance. Exploring renewable energy, uplifment through education; health care for all and corruption free governance are few of the missions that have to be worked upon. We, as a nation, have almost reached the deadline and the path towards the goal might look like a difficult terrain to walk through. But, if every citizen is instilled with the zeal to achieve these goals with honesty, no force can stop us from achieving the ultimate.


Empower and enrich the youth, experienced, People, and govermment towards relizing the goals of developed India by working on the Distinctive profile of Developed India by 2020 as given below.

Distinctive Profile of Developed India by 2020

  • A nation where the rural-urban divide has been reduced to a thin line. All parts of India will become developed.
  • A nation where there is an equitable distribution of, and adequate access to, energy and quality water.
  • A nation where agriculture, industry and the service sector work together with symphony.
  • A nation where education with a good value system is not denied to any meritorious candidates because of societal or economic discrimination.
  • A nation which is the best destination for the most talented scholars, scientists, and investors from around the world.
  • A nation where the best of healthcare is available to all citizens of India.
  • A nation where governance is responsive, transparent and corruption-free.
  • A nation where poverty has been totally eradicated, illiteracy removed, crime against women and children is absent, and no one in the society feels alienated.
  • A nation that is prosperous, healthy, secure, devoid of terrorism, peaceful and happy, and continues on a sustainable growth path.
  • A nation that is one of the best places to live in and is proud of its leadership.
  • A nation should develop places like an visit pilgrims in India and capable leadership


Bringing unswerving smiles on the face of every single citizen of the country and ultimately across the globe, irrespective of the differences in wealth, locality, caste or cread, thougth virtuous means, as per the vision of Dr. Kalam for the society.


Provision of education, skill management, knowledge development, finding job opportunity, cultivating research brain powers, creating and disbursing sustainable energy resource, all these to reach people of the villages and all underdeveloped sectors of the nation.


Dr. APJ. Abdul kalam, in his last couple of years, showed a keen interest in celebrating the centenary anniversary of his beloved, Mr. APJ. Mohamed Muth Meera Maraikayar, this to indicate that his family has the responsibility to take over the activities to be accomplished along with his close associates. Hence, the elder brother and his family members have joined hands with Dr. Kalam's peers, to form the Foundation, to carry out the tasks stipulated by the mentor.


While instigating the International Foundation, several expeditions were affirmed to be attempted to achieve the mission of the Foundation. Some prominent ones are in the offing with philanthropic support from the fans of the Prodigy. These include indulging in socio-economic development of the students, working on science projects with students of various levels , collaboration with a multitude of institutions to do research on sustainable development and implementation of tree plantation to create a clean and green world.

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